Squid Game Costume in Australia

Squid Game costumes - tracksuit, jumpsuit, doll costume and mask

Most popular Squid Game Halloween costumes in Australia

‘Squid game’, a Netflix web series that has taken over all the social media like Instagram, Youtube and Twitter because of its success. It is number one on Netflix in over more than 90 countries right now. And because of its popularity, everyone is looking for the Squid game costumes in Australia.

The 'Squid Game' Summary

Squid game is a story about people who are highly into debt and struggling in their real life. And all these people volunteer themselves to play six games which are very popular childhood games in Korea. You either live or die playing them depending upon if you win or lose. All these run around the relatable life stories of people and the winner gets a huge amount of money in the end. All these characters in the Squid Game wear particular costumes in the game like tracksuits, jumpsuits and jackets with different types of masks.

Squid Game Costumes

Because of the popularity of Squid Game and Halloween in the coming weeks, many Australians are looking for the various costumes used in this show for their kids and themselves. The most popular Squid Game costumes in Australia are - ‘Squid Game Tracksuit’, ‘Squid Game Jumpsuit’, ‘Squid Game Frontman Costume’ and ‘Squid Game Doll Costume’. If you are also wondering where to buy one of these Squid Game costumes in Australia, we’ve listed some of the best online stores to get this outfit delivered to you before Halloween.

Best Squid Game Costumes & where to buy them in Australia

  • Squid Game Guard Costume aka Pink Jumpsuit
  • Squid Game Tracksuit
  • Squid Game Doll Costume
  • Squid Game Frontman Costume
  • Squid Game Costume for Kids
  • Squid Game Masks

Detailed list of the best Squid Game Halloween costume

1. Squid Game Guard Costume

Squid Game guards follow all the orders given by the Frontman in the show. Their job is mostly to follow orders, maintain discipline among players, kill the losing player, remove dead bodies and in the end, incinerate all the dead bodies. They are not allowed to disclose their identity, i.e they can’t show their face and must wear a face mask assigned according to their job all the time. They wear a red jumpsuit with black hand gloves and black shoes. This Squid Game costume is very popular in Australia as the Squid Game Jumpsuit.

Guards with jumpsuits and a Circle on their masks are the workers in the game. Their duties involved preparing for the games, helping players get to the venue and carry dead players away.

Guards with jumpsuits and a Triangle on their masks mostly monitor the ongoing game, always armed and ready to eliminate the losing player in the field.

Guards with jumpsuits and a Square on their masks are the managers of the above two categories of guards. They command guards with circles or triangles on their masks and are allowed to interact with the players and instruct them with the rules.

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2. Squid Game Tracksuit

This is the dress of all the 456 contestants while playing games in Squid Game. As this is the player’s costume and as a viewer, one gets connected most with the players of the game. And all these players play children’s games with their lives at stake, burdened with huge debt and with no other option but to play these deadly games, they all become very relatable with the audience of the show. The Squid Game tracksuit costume is mostly dark green with white stripes on the shoulder and sides of the trackpant. And most importantly, it gets a unique number in the front and back of the tracksuit to identify each player. This Squid Game tracksuit is most popular right now in Australia as it connects with the show and is very comfortable to wear. Pair this Squid Game tracksuit costume with white shoes to complete the look.

There are multiple online stores from where you can buy the Squid Game tracksuit in Australia. But we are listing the most popular ones with the best services like on-time delivery, best quality tracksuit at best price and option to customise the unique number to be printed on the tracksuit.

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3. Squid Game Doll Costume

One of the most popular characters in Squid Game is a giant, childlike doll which is a robot with cameras in its eyes, detects moments of the players in the ‘red light green light’ game. This Squid Game doll costume is getting a lot of attention from the girls in Australia as it is very creepy and dangerous. So, for sure it will be one of the best Squid Game Halloween costumes in Australia.

Squid Game doll costume is a yellow half sleeves shirt with an orange frock on it. Pair it with long solid white over the calf socks, black shoes and two-sided ponytails to complete the perfect Halloween look.

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4. Squid Game Frontman Costume

Frontman in the Squid Game is the real showrunner of all the games. The Frontman is in charge on the spot and takes orders directly from the organisers and rich VIPs. The Frontman remains behind the unique mysterious mask most of the series and reveals his true identity only at the end of the Squid Game series.

The Squid Game Frontman costume is a dark brown coat with a hood, an angular mask, black leather hand gloves and black shoes. The dark brown jacket is long and goes even below the knees. The most important aspect of the Frontman costume is the mask. Make sure to buy the right one and the most identical from the online stores in Australia.

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5. Squid Game Costume For Kids

Squid Game tracksuit, Squid Game guard costume, Squid Game frontman costume and Squid Game doll costume, all of these are available in kids size too. So, if you are looking for a Squid Game costume for kids, then we got you covered. We are listing below some of the best places you can get your kids a costume based on the Squid Game in Australia.

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6. Squid Game Mask

There are many masks used in the Squid Game by various characters to conceal their identities. There are masks used by VVIPs, front-man, guards and even waiters. Different types of masks and shapes on them decided their role in organising deadly games.

The most prominent masks in the Squid Game are the masks worn by the ‘Guards’ in red jumpsuits. The black masks have different white shapes like square, circle and a triangle imprinted on them to show the rank of a guard. Masks with the ‘white square’ on them are worn by the managers. Masks with the ‘white triangle’ are worn by the soldiers armed with weapons. And the masks with the ‘white circle’ are worn by the workers handling cleaning up and removing the dead bodies in the game.

Probably one of the most powerful characters in the Squid Game - The Frontman. The Frontman also wore a mask to hide his identity from everyone. His mask is also blackish in colour but instead of any particular shape on it, it was very angular with every facial feature of a human, like eyes, nose and mouth on it. The mask also slightly modifies the voice of the person wearing it.

VIPs in the Squid Game also wore a fancier mask to hide their real identity. As they were very rich, the mask also represented that with its golden colour. And to represent the power and influence of the VIPs, the masks are in the shape of powerful animals like a Lion, a Buffalo, an Eagle and a Wolf.

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