Best Polarised Sunglasses For Fishing in Australia [2021 Edition]

Guide to select the best polarised sunglasses for fishing in Australia [2021 Edition]

A guide to choose the best polarised sunglasses for fishing

Fishing is a sport where sunglasses are talked about a lot, like you know its a piece of equipment, a tool and not just a fashion accessory. Sunglasses is a big investment and yes it makes a difference, so the last thing you would want is the laminations or coatings rub off - fitting that fall apart on a tour, which will happen eventually if you have not invested properly in a good pair of fishing sunglasses.

Two most important things to consider while selecting sunglasses for fishing in Australia

  • Polarised Sunglasses

    When talking about fishing sunglasses lenses, polarisation is like the number one thing to talk about. What polarised fishing sunglasses does is filters out reflective glare, primarily glare off the water, so if you want that intense reflection, that vibration, that glare ball reduced as much as possible, fishing sunglasses gotta be polarised and then of-course it helps you see through that glare, through the water so that you actually able to spot the fish and catch. So polarisation is like I mean, if they are not polarised, they are not fishing sunglasses. That's why polarised sunglasses is a must while fishing. Polarised sunglasses for fishing comes in different materials and in different colors, with each having their pros and cons as listed below:

    • Material of the lens

      There are few options in the market but Glass and Polycarbonate are the most popular ones. Polycarbonate lenses are more impact resistant and really really light weight but they get scratched pretty easily. They are more comfortable because of the light weight. And glass lenses are very hard to scratch and very optically correct & clear but they can shatter. They can break if you drop them right way even when they are coated, its glass, it will break. In salt water fishing, you clean your sunglasses constantly so most of the hardcore fishing guys go with the glass lens as they are out there and relying on this fishing tool that you probably bring only one pair.

    • Color of the lens

      Grey Lens is going to be neutral. Its not gonna change the color of the world, its gonna keep everything consistent but darker so if you have like a white background and a white boat, so its gonna be darker white boat. So for off-shore polarised fishing sunglasses, one should opt for a darker lens(like grey color) and a heavy mirror(blue) because light reflecting off the open ocean can be extremely intense.

      Amber, Rose, Copper & Brown lenses that what you would call a contrast boosting lens. They kinda changes the color of the world. A lot of people like that for overcast days or for in-shore fishing where there's a lot of shadows and you kinda looking at different things, that's where brown lens would help. Off-shore in open water, a lot of guys like amber lens.

      Mirrored Lenses kinda have a function, they make the glasses little bit more darker and reflect a little bit more light. It kind of keep things off your eye. For ultimate protection, the best fishing sunglasses should be polarised and mirrored.

  • Wrap around frame

    For protection, you want as much wrap around as much coverage as possible. If you are out deep sea fishing, out on the boat, if this is protection and this is a tool then you need a right thing and the right thing is a full wrap around and a lot of coverage. Some lenses wrap so much that they go pass eyes, still like the thick temple that kinda protect your skin. As much coverage as you can get, you get a hat, you get UV protection. When it comes to selecting frames for the best sunglasses for fishing in Australia, there are two more things that you need to keep in mind.

    • Material of the frame

      There are things to stay away from, like don't really go for metal frames, especially while salt water fishing as metal corrodes and the frames not gonna last long. And Acetate made frames are more likely for fashion sunglasses and you would think that it would do the job but it won't. Its reactive with heat, it can bend and a lot of time there's a metal core inside for adjustability. For serious fishing sunglasses we would recommend fishing sunglasses frames made of TR90 or Nylon. These are more like a sport plastic, a lot more durable, it will last long and work better while fishing.

    • Comfort of the frame

      Comfort: Fit & Grip. Not too tight on temple and not too wide with gapes. Don't compromise on fitting. You would want a nice clean snug fit, almost touching the temple but not so tight where its really hard. And you would also want a lot more grip. Most of the best polarised fishing sunglasses comes with rubberise grip on the ear that's gonna keep them comfortable & also gonna keep them stay in place when you are get wet and sweaty and its better when it also has some kind of padding on the nose.

Detailed list of the best polarised sunglasses for fishing in Australia in 2021

1. Spotters Australia

Over the last 20 years, Spotters has been built on the ideals of Australians. It is 100% Australian owned and they develop their fishing polarised fishing sunglasses to survive harshest UV exposure in the world, combat extreme glare off the water, while still being stylish and supremely comfortable. While almost every lens offered by spotters can be used for fishing, but we would recommend Mirrored lenses made out of Crown Glass as the best fishing lenses you get for your fishing sunglasses right now. You can opt for CR-39 polarised polycarbonate lenses if you want light weight and doesn't really want to opt for glass lens. Spotter's photochromic lenses can be used for fishing too and for other general purpose that go lighter or darker according to environment conditions around you. All the lenses will provide you with the best protection you can get from harmful rays from sun like UVA, UVB, UVC, blue hue and minimise glare ball as much as possible and will also keep your eyes cool.

Spotters offer more than 25 frame styles. Out of which we would recommend Artic+, Ellie, Coyote+ and Fury for best fishing sunglasses. If you want to go for some other design, make sure that the frame provides you with sufficient coverage and fits comfortably on you. With all these wide variety of lenses and frames available, Spotters is the most deserving to top the list of best polarised sunglasses for fishing in Australia.

  • PhotoChromic Warranty: For eyewear fitted with the Penetrator, Halide, Xtreme or Carbon Lenses, Spotters guarantee that the photochromic properties will last the life of eyewear.
  • Spotters Crown Glass prescription lenses supplied by Spotters will come with a 2 year warranty on manufacturing faults.
  • Spotters CR-39 & Polycarbonate prescription lenses supplied by Spotters will come with a 1 year warranty on manufacturing faults
  • Spotters also offer prescription in polarised sunglasses for fishing.
  • Spotters can be bought from many authorised online retailers like - Just Sunnies, Anaconda, BCF, BrightEyes and many more.

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2. Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley watersports collection has got you covered for the long days on the water. The split shot collection with Prizm™ Deep Water Polarised Fishing Sunglasses or Prizm™ shallow Water Polarised Fishing Sunglasses is the best shot to get the best fishing sunglasses online in Australia. The split shot frames comes with a detachable leash to keep the sunglasses secure, a No-slip Unobtanium® nosepad to increase grip and light weight frame material. Plutonite lens material with polarisation and Iridium lens coating helps reducing glare and tune light transmission to enhance color, contrast and details. This lens technology offers top UV Protection filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB up to 400nm and some of harmful blue light. With Optimal precision and impact resistance that meet or exceed ANSI Z80.3 optical and impact standards. When it comes to design of frames & lenses, Oakley offers the best fishing sunglasses in Australia.

  • Oakley eyewear products are warranted for two years from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defects.
  • Can be customised highly for better fitting, comfort and choice of colored mirror lenses.
  • Oakley lenses designed and tested under extreme high mass and high velocity circumstances which ensure better durability.
  • Can be bought at JustSunnies and Oakley's official website.

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3. Mako's Fishing Sunglasses

Mako launched it's polarised fishing sunglasses onto the Australian marketplace over 25 years ago. Mako was one of the first local brand to introduce polarised lens technology and continue to be 100% Australian owned. They even had iconic fisher people such as Steve Starling and Peter Morse as Mako ambassadors. This is why you can be sure that MakoEyewear provides one of the best fishing sunglasses in Australia. Mako offers 4 major types of lenses:

  • Brown Polarised lens: Good contrast enhancer with minimal color distortion. Perfect all-rounder for fishing, camping & driving.
  • Grey Polarised lens: General purpose color. Doesn't enhance color, perfect for offshore deep sea fishing.
  • Copper Polarised lens: Provides brightest vision while enhancing contrast. Perfect for sight fishing and shallow water fishing.
  • Rose Polarised lens: Excellent contrast abilities. Perfect for flat fishing, general fishing where sight and water penetration is needed.

  • MAKO Sunglasses are warranted against defects in materials and/or workmanship for 24 months from date of purchase.
  • Can be bought online through Justsunnies, BCF or MakoEyewear official website.
  • 30 Days return policy with JustSunnies online store.
  • Free shipping on orders over AUD60.

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4. Mao Jim's Polarised Fishing Sunglasses

Premium, Colour-Enhancing Polarised Fishing Sunglasses By Mau Jim
Reel in a record catch in fishing sunglasses featuring their patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology. Cast a line and notice the vivid colours and high-contrast details of the sea and sky. Featuring patented PolarizedPlus2 lenses, these waterproof polarised sunglasses for fishing eliminate glare from the surface of the water, provide broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays, and offer a crisp, clean view of a most challenging surface.
Premium, colour-enhancing polarised sunglasses by Maui Jim are equally suitable for fishing in the clear blue sea or in fresh water conditions. Change the sunglasses you wear for fishing and you’ll change the way you see the world below the surface.
Mao Jim's are one of the best polarised fishing sunglasses you can get, they are right up next to Spotters, Oakley and Mako. It's just a matter of preference of after sales customer service, design and comfortable fit that would help you make the choice in selecting one.

According to us, their best polarised sunglasses for fishing offering is PEAHI Polarised Wrap Sunglasses. Comes with
Frame: Gloss Black
Lens: Neutral Grey-Offers the highest available light reduction for the richest colours and sharpest contrast.
Lens Material: SuperThin Glass-Provides the absolute crispest optics available. 20% to 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass, it offers the best scratch and solvent resistance.

  • Free shipping and free returns for 30 days of purchase on official website.
  • Virtual try on available on official Mau Jim website for polarised fishing sunglasses.
  • Mao Jim's polarised lenses blocks 100% UV, eliminate 99.99% glare and reduces High-Energy Visible Radiation (HEV).
  • Comes with full 2 years warranty when purchased from Authorised Mau Jim reseller.

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5. Tonic Fishing Sunglasses

Tonic Eyewear has been making sunglasses since last 27 years for Australian conditions, some of the harshest on the planet. All Tonic fishing sunglasses feature - Polarisation with their custom bad light spectrum filtration system, Crystalite Glass - the clearest scratch proof glass lens available, - at only 1.7mm thin, lighter than any other lens on the market for those who wants light weight fishing sunglasses, VistaView - decentered lens, important for true depth and distance for sight fishing, ARC - anti reflective coating to reduce glare from the water and “bounce back” on the inside of the lens. On top of all these features, Tonic's fishing sunglasses also comes with Photochromic lenses to adjust with the lighting conditions around you, i.e the lens will change to darkest state reflecting 86% of the sunlight in bright conditions and when it goes in low light conditions, it will reflect only 67% of visible light providing optimal vision. We would recommend Youranium and Rise design frames with glass green or blue mirror for best fishing sunglasses experience through Tonic.

  • Available online at Anaconda, BrightEyes and SpotOn.
  • TONIC EYEWEAR products are warranted for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturer’s defects.

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6. Mangrove Jacks Sunglasses

Mangrove Jacks is the best cheapest polarised sunglasses for fishing you can get in Australia. Mangrove Jacks is a renowned brand throughout the Fishing, bait & tackle channel. They are comfortable, good-looking and durable sunglasses and perfect for all outdoor activities, Mangrove Jacks are serious eyewear for serious people!Mangrove Jack’s AMRF endorsed polarised styles is the perfect balance between durability, style & quality. Mangrove Jack fishing sunglasses are one of the best selling fishing sunglasses in 2021. Polarised Mangrove Jack sunglasses with mirror finish would be the best option for fishing.

  • Cheapest polarised sunglasses for fishing available in the market. Range Starts from $39.
  • Affordable and high performance, launched in late 2000. Made from Nickel Silver and with a UV rating of 100%.
  • Mangrove Jack provides the Best fishing sunglasses under $100.

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7. RayBan Polarised Fishing Sunglasses

Since 1937, Ray-Ban is a well known brand when it comes to offering sunglasses in almost every country. But when it comes ot Australia and sunglasses for fishing, Ray-Ban has some really practical and polarized fishing sunglasses in its stock. Ray-Ban sunglasses frams like Chromance and Predator gives excellent coverage to your eyes while fishing. Ray-Ban offers sunglasses with lens properties like Transitions (clear indoors and darker outdoors), Blue light filter (filters blue light to reduce exposure and hydrophobic treatment), Chromance (Pigments intensify and clarify color for better details, eliminates glare), Polarized (polar lenses intercept reflections and block glare for better contrast, improved clarity and block UV radiation). RayBan offers the best polarized sunglasses for sight fishing.

  • Ray-Ban eyewear is warranted against breakage due to material or workmanship defect for two (2) years from the date of purchase with a valid Proof of purchase.
  • Available at Ray-Ban official website, JustSunnies and at BrightEyes.
  • The shipping & delivery of your frames is free of charge at Ray-Ban's official site.

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8. Serengeti's Fishing Sunglasses

Globally respected and worldwide distributed, Serengeti® is the unique brand able to combine the most advanced eyewear technologies, inherited from more than 140 years of R&D, the Americana culture and the finest sense of aesthetics, design and creativity. 555 nanometers marks the center of light’s visible color spectrum, right on the border of yellow and green. This is where the human eye sees best. In low light conditions, this lens allows more yellow and green to pass through, creating relaxing conditions for the eyes, while the light silver metallized mirror coating (available only on mineral lens) reflects glare. Frames like BERGAMO offers an optimal coverage thanks to its base 8 shape and large temples. Serengeti's fishing sunglasses sits right next to Spotters and Mau Jims. That's why its on the list of the best polarised fishing sunglasses of Australia in 2021.

  • Absorbs 79% to 92% of the visible light, according to the lens.
  • Blocks 88% to 96% of the blue light, according to the lens.

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